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Fifth of Collaborative

Thursday, November 19th, 2009
Hey, where is everyone?

Hey, where is everyone?

This morning we had our latest meeting at the lovely Seven Cycles headquarter.  I’m feeling like we have a decent rhythm on the meetings now:  decent format structure, length of time, and tool kit.

Big topics of discussion included:

  • Who’s making the best steel bikes in the industry?  Who’s making the most interesting bikes?  Who’s making the most beautiful bikes?  I’m not going to say which companies were discussed for now.  I’m trying to find time to put together a resource that includes all the bikes, supplies, and companies we’ve discussed in the meetings.  We’ll see—it will be a very long list. (more…)

Fourth: CoLab’s Meeting Number Four

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Tonight we had our fourth Seven Cycles Collaborative meeting.  It was packed with ideas and work to do—this seems to be a trend.  We’re also about to start cutting metal and making fixtures.

So many bikes from which to choose.  How to decide the best one?  Maybe all; maybe none?

So many bikes from which to choose. How to decide the best one? Maybe all; maybe none?

And, we’ve started average a journal entry a day.  We’re going to have to post two or three a day pretty soon.  The flywheel is starting to turn pretty fast.

The large and primary topics we covered in this meeting included:


Third: CoLab’s Third Meeting

Thursday, November 12th, 2009
A lonely little steel lug.

A lonely little steel lug.

I figure that if we got through three meetings, this project won’t fizzle out.  Not that I thought that after the first or second meeting—I was pretty overwhelmed by the Seven Cycles turnout and idea generation.  Now that we’re through three full CoLab meetings, there’s no turning back.  We have a fair amount of momentum and I don’t think even Bike Snob could derail us.  Well, maybe he could, but no one else.

This morning we worked on:


Return: CoLab Second Meeting

Monday, November 9th, 2009
Some Collaborators' inspiration

Some Collaborators' inspiration

We had our second meeting this evening; more fun and mayhem.  Lots of employees attended!

Once again we covered a lot of ground in a very short amount of time.  I’ve been impressed with how quickly the group can jump from topic to topic, can connect seemingly disparate concepts, and are willing to throw their ideas into the CoLab ring without hesitation.

Some of the topics we explored tonight included:



Thursday, November 5th, 2009

The Collaborative’s First Meeting

Today was our first official group CoLab meeting.  We had more than half the company participate.  Very cool.

Brainstorming on CoLab Mission

Brainstorming on CoLab Mission

We covered a lot of ground at a 30,000 foot view.  It became clear that this is a big project that will certainly only get bigger as we work together.  This is both exciting and intimidating, maybe.

We talked about the mission of the CoLab:  Why are we doing this?  What does this project mean for Seven and the participants?  What does success look like?

Some other topics on which we focused included: