Test of Concept

Some of Seven's shop bikes and commuter bikes

Some of Seven's shop bikes and commuter bikes

In this morning’s Collaborative meeting at Seven Cycles Mike Salvatore suggested that we build a bike to test out a few of the conceptual ideas and assumptions that we’ve been discussing so far.

The outcome of that conversation is that we’ve agreed, as a mini project—headed by Matt O’Keefe—to build a Shop Bike that will be applying some of the work we’ve done far.  Someone set a deadline for completion of the frame, fork, and stem as Friday, December 11; six working days away.  The word crazy comes to mind, not just because it’s a new product but more because we’re doing a lot of test-of-concept work on this bike.

What to accomplish in the next six days

  • Build the first complete lugged frame under the Seven badge
  • Butt all the tubing in-house:  eight tubes.  This will be the first time we will have done all the tubing in house.  And we have a lot of tooling to figure out
  • Build a steel fork that incorporates some Collaborative aspects
  • Make at least one of the lugs from scratch.  We’ll probably end up making more than one, using various construction ideas.  More work.
  • Build a steel stem that incorporates some Collaborative aspects
  • Machine the frame and fork dropouts

This amount of work is a bit ridiculous—ridiculous to get all this done in six days.  I’m pretty confident we won’t be able to get everything done, but we’ve set our triage list and we’ll work through as much as we can by the end of the day on Friday.

Shop Bike

This test-of-concept bike will be used for what we call a “shop bike”.  We currently have three shop bikes and they are all sort of sad:  Scrounged parts, part’s we’ve repaired too many times, patches on patches on patches.  While we do love to reuse, at times, the shop bikes get into the “refuse” category for some.


I use the term “test-of-concept” rather than “proof-of-concept” because we’re not even at the point where I can say that we’re going to prove anything.  We really are just testing some ideas.  And whoever is brave enough to ride the bike will be proving the test results.

This will be the most expensive and over engineered shop bike we will ever build.

The frame and components go to our painter on Friday and will be ready for assembly and its maiden donut run by Wednesday of the following week.

2 Responses to “Test of Concept”

  1. Tube Butting In-House « Seven Cycles Collaborative | A group of employees at Seven, working on a long-term project. Says:

    [...] second test yielded a production quality tube.  In fact, we might be able to use the part in our shop bike.  The butting process was slower than we’d like to see but for this project, it worked perfectly [...]

  2. Jake Says:

    excellent! Falafel runs are going to be much better.